Independent Research

We are an independent stock investment research firm, free to recommend a BUY or SELL on any stock in our universe. Our revenue is derived solely from license fees to our research and software therefore our ideas are unbiased and independent. Our only goal is to provide high quality research whereby our recommendations correlate with actual stock market performance

Proven Methodology and Cash Flow Metrics

Financial Science and Art's methodology, as the name implies, is both a science and and art. Our methodology applies math and statistics to established economic principles such as competitive life cycle, growth limits, return on capital limits and cash flow valuations. That's the science. All of our reports and recommendation are supported by our methodology, we all speak the same language and we all understand mathematical principles of economics. However, forecasting is an art. While our analysts adhere to our methodology, there is some degree of freedom to adjust the forecast. For instance, an analyst can apply a more/less aggressive fade depending on the nature of the company and the industry they operate in. The analysts have a number of levers they can pull to adjust the forecast if they can make a cogent argument to do so. In the end, what really matters is performance and we have a decade of out performance that provides a proven methodology.



The product is designed to take a comprehensive and detailed look at one company at a time. Virtually every proprietary and traditional variable is calculated and available to review for trends level etc. It contains up to 20 years of annual financial statements, 60 quarters of quarterly financial statements and 20 years worth of stock prices.

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Sophisticated, Simple and User Friendly. Our tool is one of the most sophisticated, yet simple to use, screening tools on the market.

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QuickPORTFOLIO is an exciting new tool offering in-depth tracking capabilities that FSA is currently developing. Never before have our proprietary metrics been available in a portfolio tool. Users can setup multiple portfolios and monitor our proprietary and traditional metrics.

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