Financial Science & Art is pleased to announce the launch of our newest product in the QuickFINANCIAL Suite:

Since 2001, institutional clients have benefitted from our flagship product – QuickVALUATION.

Now clients can have – QuickSCREEN – designed to be the perfect complement to QuickVALUATION. QuickVALUATION is a powerful analytical tool for analyzing ONE company at a time – if you’d like to analyze a specific company’s cash flow, capital investment, return on capital, and valuation, then QuickVALUATION is your tool. But now, with QuickSCREEN, you can search for and find the right companies to look at in the first place.

This powerful tool uses FSA’s proprietary Cash Flow and Return on Capital metrics and traditional metrics to screen 8500 companies in Canada and the US, helping you to find quality companies that fit your criteria perfectly.

Built with a modern user interface to make finding new stock ideas quick and simple, you can screen across multiple years, multiple quarters, and multiple markets – all within seconds.

QuickSCREEN comes preloaded with dozens of valuable screens (i.e. Dividend Seeker, High Quality, Improving CFIRR), but users can also enjoy myriad customization/personalization possibilities when designing and saving their own screens.

Since 2003, together with we have published The RoC Report – a monthly analysis of ~200 Canadian companies – and have enjoyed 9 years of beating the market in our Model Small Cap Portfolio with an annualized return of 21%:

Also since 2003, we have published a US RoC report, and have beat the market in 8 of the 9 sectors we cover:

If you’d like to see a demo of this powerful new tool, please call 416-453-5875 or email to set up a meeting.

Thanks for your interest

Matt Kacur, MBA


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