Unlock our robust methodology with our powerful software suite. Our growing suite allows our clients to tap into our rich database of over 8,000 companies with over 20 years of financial data on each company. Clients can examine companies in detail or setup search criteria with ease. Combining our proprietary cash flow metrics and methodology with a modern user interface provides clients with a must have tool for equity analysis. There simply is no comparable financial software suite on the market today.

Proven Cash Flow Metrics and Methodology

Our proprietary cash flow metrics track true economic value

Our proprietary cash flow metrics, principally Cash Flow Internal Rate of Return (CFIRR), are highly correlated with true economic value of stocks. However, our methodology goes beyond metrics. Our comprehensive methodology takes into account every line item on all the financial statements including working capital, hedging, pension liabilities, deferred taxes, minority interest and more. Our methodology also models competitive life cycles, economic fade, etc. Our methodology turns data into insights. Traditional metrics and models simply do not match the robustness of our comprehensive methodology. Our methodology makes sense intuitively, intellectually and empirically as our model portfolios and recommendations have beaten the S&P indices in Canada and United States for 10+ years.