Discover New Ideas Using Our Proprietary Metrics and Traditional Metrics.
QuickSCREEN is an exciting new tool offering in-depth screening capabilities. Never before have our proprietary metrics been available in a screening tool. Users can filter through thousands of ideas and be left with only the top ideas for further investigation. Sophisticated, Simple and User Friendly Our tool is one of the most sophisticated, yet simple to use, screening tools on the market. Our research shows that most screening tools use only the most recent data which is not such a bad thing when you are searching for the "hottest" new stocks. However, is not very helpful when you are looking for high quality companies with consistent results. Our QuickSCREEN tool can screen using data over several years and quarters which is invaluable when you are looking for consistent high quality companies. Of course the opposite is also applies and users can search for consistently poor performers if they are looking for shorting ideas. Alternatively, users can simply use the FSA preset screens. Our point is, we paid attention to detail in designing our user interface to satisfy the most sophisticated to simplest users.

Software Screenshots

  • Splash Page
  • Three Main Sections of QuickScreen
  • Variable Section
  • Ranges and timeframes
  • Customized Preset screen
  • Results